Picking Blackberries

I will never get over the pure magic of having sweet treats growing naturally in the hedgerows. Reaching the end of September and finding little black gemstones glistening in the undergrowth always signals the true start of autumn for me, and the season doesn’t feel like it has begun until you’ve rummaged through a hedge, staining your fingers and coming out with a fistful of sticky, juicy treats.

If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll head out with a tupperware box in my backpack to fill as I wander, and take home to add to stewed apple for the most perfect pie filling. Mostly though, I’ll just snack as I walk, and enjoy the wonder of fruit growing freely along the sides of my usual path.

One year, one day, I’ll gather enough to make jam, cordial or even a liqueur, but for now I’ll just work on having enough left over to use when I get home without eating them all on the way.

Whether you’re gathering for a purpose or just foraging for snacks, I can’t help but feel that picking blackberries is one of those things that is just good for the soul. If you haven’t been yet this year, I recommend you go for a walk in your local area to take in the changing seasons, and I bet you won’t have to go far before you find some blackberries.

  • I love picking fruit!! I would also love to pick enough to make a jam!!
    a life of a charlotte

  • Laura Emilia

    Such beautiful pictures! I miss berry picking from when I still lived in Finland – there’s not that many options here in London..! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • I went to Sicily this summer and we went blackberry picking. The blackberries over there are like monsters! Honestly they are the size of strawberries it was absolute heaven.

  • Ah loooovely Carrie. I used to love picking and eating blackberries on my way to school on the Isle of Wight. I feel a little bit dubious doing the same in London haha! I did get some sloe berries and made my own sloe gin last weekend, so good! Immy x


  • I remember going out and picking blackberries with my nan as a little girl, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart haha!

    Lucy | Forever September