Winter Bath & Body Works Favourites


‘Tis the season for festive candles! It’s my favourite time of year for fragrances with spices, food and pine scents overtaking sweet and summery scents, meaning my house smells rather wonderful throughout the season. I take it as a good excuse to stock up on some of my Bath & Body Works favourites, so thought I’d share a few! ‘Tis the Season’ is one of my absolutely favourites and smells just like Christmas.


A new one for this year is Maple Cinnamon Pancakes and it smells exactly like the real thing. It might actually be the strongest candle I own, it floods the entire house with a sweet syrupy pancake scent within minutes. It’s a rather pretty one too!


The last of my three new candles is Hot Cocoa and Cream which is the closest fragrance to the real thing I have ever smelled. It’s warm and sweet and creamy, a fabulous comforting scent for a cold evening!


I finally ran out of my favourite Merry Marshmallow fragrance mist from a few years ago so stocked up on a few new and I absolutely love them all. Frosted Snow Blossom is floral yet wintery, Magic in the Air is a lovely sweet yet fresh fragrance, and Gingerbread Latte is just as you’d imagine it, spicy, sweet and oh-so festive!


Last but not least are a few new Pocketbacs. These were a lovely early Christmas gift from my Dad, and I’m so in love with the ridiculous names. I’m not sure what’s better, Fleece Navidad or Fa-la-la-la Llama!


As per usual, this post must come with an apology to UK Bath & Body Works fans as it’s sadly not all that easy to get hold of over here. If you’re trying to though, try companies like GoSend, or take a look on Facebook as there are lots of UK Selling groups.

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Tis the Season is one of my favorites every year!

  • I’m already so happy from looking at the packaging of all these items! Can’t wait to light my festive candles 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s