Going Blonde – Tips & Tricks

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed I recently had a little hair change, and have gone from brunette to blonde. If you follow my instagram stories, you might have even seen the process, or at least my haphazard attempts at it anyway. I’m starting this post with a big fat disclaimer:

I am NOT a professional

Do NOT try this unless you are willing to take a risk, there is always the possibility that you hair may fall out or turn green (we’ve all been there.)

If in doubt,  go and see a professional colourist.

But now that’s out of the way, let me tell you a little more about how I went blonde. For the record, I am naturally a light ash brown with a natural white blonde patch. Prior to bleaching, I had about 3 inches of natural roots, with a close but slightly darker brunette permanent colour on the rest.

It’s worth remembering that if you’ve already coloured your hair, it will react differently. If you’ve got some natural and some coloured, ie with regrowth, they can end up different colours too.

So in terms of the actual process, I used Jerome BBlonde bleach, using the 30 Vol developer and the High Lift powder bleach. You mix them together and apply to the hair, I did this by separating my hair into sections, applying to the tips and sort of rubbing/backcombing up the hair strands so the majority was on the tips, and putting the remainder up the hair until it was all covered. The first application left me with very orange hair with a much lighter band on the natural roots. I waited a few days before doing this again, lifting the colour up further to a lighter blonde, but still very yellowy. At this point I took a break on the bleaching and did a number of conditioning treatments to the hair, as the bleaching really does dry it out.

*TIP- about an hour before bleaching, apply natural coconut oil to your hair, it does a good job of keeping it as soft as possible.

The next and most recent step was toning. Approx 2 weeks after the initial bleaching session, I used the Wella T14 ColorCharm toner, mixed with the 30Vol BBlonde developer, and applied in the same way as before. This did a great job at taking out the yellow and left with a lovely ashy, yet still fairly warm base. This is where I am up to now. Ideally I’d like to go a little lighter, but I’m making sure to give my hair plenty of time to rest in between!

To keep the brassiness away, I have been using the Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo and Intensive Conditioner, and they have been working brilliantly. The shampoo is a little drying but the conditioner does a great job of hydrating and softening, so this balances it out well.

One of the main concerns with any form of bleaching is the hair becoming dry and brittle, so you just need to be mindful of this if you choose to lighten your hair. My hair is naturally poker straight and so I curl it with a heated tong most days, and so this was something I was a little worried about, as bleach and heat isn’t a brilliant combination! Thankfully though I’ve found a solution, and have been using the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil whenever I wash my hair, applying it after washing and leaving my hair to dry naturally, and have had no issues with dryness whatsoever. In fact, my hair is softer than it was before, and smells rather lovely with the oil in, so I would definitely recommend it!

I’ve been trying to wash my hair a little less often, and ensure to brush it every morning and evening, and the condition seems to be just fine, especially for a DIY bleach! If putting my hair up I use soft elastics, but other than that it’s a very normal and simple routine!

Have you gone blonde before, and would you be brave enough to try it yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • that blonde tone is absolutely stunning, so natural! from the photo alone, I thought this was done at a salon – great job! sounds like I have the same, mousy-ashy-medium-blonde natural hair, have been growing it out with an ombre, but am still tempted to lighten my tips again! will definitely use this for reference, thank you! have a nice weekend.

  • You’ve done such a good job! I love the colour. I’m a chronic hair DIYer. I’ve had my colour done professionally maybe twice in my life. Over Easter I crossed the final frontier and started cutting my hair myself lol.

  • I could never have pictured you as a blonde before but now I see it, I LOVE IT!!


    Ellie xx

  • YESSSSS Carrie! Love this color on you! 😀 xx

  • Lauren Daniels

    You are so brave Carrie! It looks lush! I’ve been slowly making the change to blonde (from my naturally dark but previously bright red hair!) since November and there is no way I would have been brave enough to do it myself. It’s been a loooong and bloody expensive professional process but yours looks like it could have been professionally done – love love love!

  • My hair is really dark, so I went to a salon to do it because I think I’d probably kill my hair if I did it myself! Yours turned out well though 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I recently got the ends of my hair dyed blonde, and I’m loving it so much I’d love to be blonde all over – I might take your recommendations and do it myself to be honest, saves me a bit of money! Your hair looks gorgeous Carrie x

    Lucy | Forever September