Flowers for a Sunday

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This week has been a bit of a strange one.

A multi-day migraine has left me with a head full of cotton wool. Our broadband has finally been restored after a two week break and pairing that with a few days of laying in the dark to ward off the dreaded headache, I feel a little behind and out of touch.

The weather has gone from the heat of British midsummer and back again to the rain of spring in just a few days, it’s almost as if the world around me feels as confused as I do. One constant however, is the pink blossom on the neighbours tree, leaning casually over the fence and dipping onto my patio. I’m not normally one to pick from another’s garden, but there’s something about those little pink petals that I just couldn’t resist.

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I’m not entirely sure what they are, but the way the petals fall in fluted pink to white skirts with flecks of orange is just too pretty to leave alone. The tree is brimming with them too, held together in candy floss clusters, so heavy that the branches bow down low over the fence.

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I’ve sat down at my computer a number of times over the past week to write, and not much is coming out. I’ve carried my camera around with me but can’t seem to take any photos I like. Those weeks happen sometimes, and I get that, but it’s still a bit disheartening when they do.

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I couldn’t even seem to take a photo that was in focus, let alone one I liked, until I started playing around with the petals. I had been finding myself frustrated with angles, lighting, styling, positioning etc throughout the week, but as soon as I stripped it back to something simple, like a bunch of freshly picked flowers, it all seemed to slot back into place. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that often, simple is best.

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It’s funny how something can be so straightforward one week, but so challenging to the point of impossible for the next. This week’s plans include taking more pictures and writing more posts to get back into the swing of it, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll just keep playing with the petals.

Here’s hoping for a steadier week.