DIY Autumn Leaf Garland


I always decorate my house in September. I know seasonal decorations traditionally are left for December, but when it starts to get colder and darker, the odd seasonal adornment really helps to brighten things up!


Finding the first crisp, crunchy and colourful leaves on the ground is my favourite thing about this time of year. Sadly they tend to fall apart when you bring them inside, so a faux version makes a far longer lasting alternative! I wanted something simple to capture the magic of the changing leaves so put together this very easy garland.


I feel a bit guilty about calling it a DIY because it is so very quick and easy. I bought these leaves on Amazon, they are inexpensive but pretty, and you get absolutely loads in a pack. All you need to do is separate them, and I sprayed them with a festive room fragrance as the glue in them smelled a little funky! I then got some sharp nail scissors and a piece of waxed string, and stabbed two little holes in the top of the leaves with the scissors, and threaded the string through.


I tried to alternate colour and shape but kept things pretty simple! I then just strung the string along the top of the window, tying it to the top of the curtains. It’s so easy but looks quite pretty! I still have a few hundred fake leaves left over so might make a few more strings to dot around the room!

It’s really nothing too taxing, but a nice little autumnal craft to do while watching tv on a Sunday afternoon, and adds a lovely seasonal touch to your home!