Catch Up Snaps


I thought it about time to empty my camera roll and have a little photo catch-up of what I’ve been up to lately.Not surprisingly, I found it to be mostly full of dog pictures. When they are this cute, who can blame me though? Fen and Daisy are too sweet when catching the last of the evening sunshine.

catchup-2-of-11 catchup-3-of-11

Roses from my Mumma’s garden.


Fen having a good old lean. She’s not a big cuddler, but you know you’ve made a friend when she comes over and slumps up against you.


Ol’ brown eyes.

catchup-6-of-11 catchup-7-of-11

Is it weird to have a favourite gravestone? Well this is mine. Poor Hannah Twynnoy of Malmesbury in 1703. ‘In bloom of life, she’s snatched from hence, she had not room to make defence; for Tyger fierce took life away, and here she lies in a bed of clay, until the resurrection day.’ She was a local barmaid who was killed by the animal while it was visiting with a circus, making her allegedly the first ever person in Britain to be killed by a tiger. A pretty fantastic story either way.

Malmesbury Abbey glowing in the afternoon sunshine.


A sneaky back of the crowd photo of the Dovetail Trio performing.


An epic spread! Pulled pork and homemade slaw to see in the end of the summer, with the last of my pumpkin beers from August’s USA trip.


What have you been up to lately?