Bits & Pieces & Snapshots #4


A few things from my week…

Daisy is in fact top dog in our house, and everything new must be first inspected by her, trees included.


Despite a momentary panic that it will be too tall for our low ceilings, we quickly fell in love with it’s pretty green branches, silvery needles and set it in it’s rightful place in the living room.


A rare selfie in my new favourite shirt.


Fen getting in the Christmas spirit, keeping cosy in her fleecy Santa jacket. If only I could fine one in people size.


My week was brightened substantially by the arrival of the prettiest package I ever did see. A Little Universe arrived from When Caitie Met Soda and I absolutely adore it!


Our ridiculously huge living room ‘faux-tree’ got a festive upgrade with some baubles, because it wasn’t quite ridiculous enough already.


What have you been up to this week?