A September Harvest & An Apple Thief


A few weeks ago, I had a funny thought while trying to make an apple pie. Despite probably making hundreds of pies in my lifetime, I had absolutely no idea what kind of apples to buy to cook with, as I’d never had to buy them before. I realised quite how lucky I was – how many people grow up being able to go into the garden to find an endless supply of fruit over the summer and autumn months? My parents garden is filled with apple trees, so September for me has always been a month of picking, foraging and collecting, before peeling, preparing, boiling and cooking.


I went out to find some cookers and couldn’t resist snapping some pictures. It might be early in the season but the grass is already littered with golden crispy leaves, dotted with red and green jewels of early falling fruit. I tried to gather some up, but Daisy clearly had other ideas.


My funny furry old lady has a thing for apples. She’s discovered our secret, that amongst the grass at the bottom of the garden is hidden treasure. Juicy, sweet gems ready for eating, although slightly more delicious for humans when cooked up in a crumble. Much to Daisy’s delight, I’d filled a basket ready for her to take her pick.


Our new garden is sadly without any fruit trees, so I’m making the most of the ones I can find! We’ve always spent the autumn boiling down the apples with a little bit of sugar and cinnamon into a delicious stew, and then freezing them to heat up on cold evenings to warm the soul.


There’s something pretty special about being able to wander outside to find something to eat, and to find something you can share with the dog too!


Stewed apple is in my opinion, the best thing to do with english apples. It has many wonderful uses: the obvious choices of pies or crumbles, or apple sauce, or bake it into cakes and loaves. It lasts for months in the freezer, so it’s a great time of year to get preparing to make sure you’ve got a good stash ready for the winter!


  • Elizabeth Hisle

    My dogs also love apples, haha. They will do anything to earn one. I do suppose they are at least a good doggie teeth cleaner.


  • These photos have me ridiculously excited for autumn. I’m not a fan of apples but we used to have an apple tree in our garden and I loved picking them and bagging them up to take to my nan’s house. She would always find something to make with them, usually an apple pie or sauce. Apple picking reminds me of being a kid 🙂

    Kate / http://battlewind.blogspot.co.uk

  • Stephanie Dreams

    Autumn dreams right there. So gorgeous! xx

  • Lovely photos. Definitely has me ready for Autumn. I cannot wait for cooler weather and autumn colors here.


    These photos are dreamy. I have googled and googled where to find apple trees to pick where I am. I have even looked all around to no avail. We have just planted an apple tree in the garden ready for Autumn 2018 and all the consequent pies and crumbles.

  • Love these photos. And that’s so lucky that you grew up with apple trees! That sounds like a cute tale from a book! You should just plant a new tree where you live now!


  • These photos are beautiful and make me so excited for autumn!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Appreciate the Day

    Having just moved to uni I am missing being able to go out and pick fruit and veg. I bought my first bag of potatoes ever this week as they have previously always come from the allotment. I have missed the blackberry harvest and this is making me want apples too. Cinnamony sweet apples sound perfect for the change in weather. The addition of cute dogs in these photos never goes amiss!
    Kate xx