Back to Basics & Starting Over

Hello, I’m Carrie, the author of this very lax and intermittently updated website. November rolled around and I realised I still wasn’t happy with my blog and it just wasn’t working for me. I’ve explored many options, including stopping altogether, but realised that would make me sad, as although I can’t seem to find the balance, the thought of not doing it any more seems like it would be a real shame. We can’t deny that the blog world has changed drastically. It’s an entirely different place to where it was a few years ago and that while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I can’t help but miss the online space I was in when I first started.

My blog was started as an outlet in many ways. Something to do, a project to work on, an excuse to be creative at a time when I needed it the most and ultimately, that’s what it needs to be and that is how it needs to stay. There are so many incredible bloggers doing so many amazing things, but I’ve realised that isn’t for me, and that’s okay. I don’t have huge aspirations to travel the world or create the next super-site visited by millions every day, and that’s okay too. Because that ‘goal’ as become the norm, I feel I was putting pressure on myself to create life changing content, which in reality isn’t possible from my sofa in Mid Sussex, and so in not doing so, I felt I was failing, and then lost the love for creating any content at all. I’ve been trying to post things on and off for months but just haven’t found the right rhythm, but I think I may have stumbled upon the answer: to head back to basics.

Something I find particularly helpful when things are difficult is to remember why you started, and that applies in this instance too. I started a blog to write and to take pictures, and so that is exactly what I need to be doing. Yes I love sharing my best work, but just because I haven’t taken a perfect image for a post, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t post it. So I’m going back to basics. I’m going to post what I want, when I want. I’m going to take pictures on my phone, or my camera, or maybe not even include a picture at all if I don’t feel like it. I am going to stop worrying about the end result and enjoy the process, and post for me, because I enjoy it, and not for any other reason.

So yes, here is just a little ramble of where my head is at at the moment blog-wise, and hopefully this will be the start of getting things back to how I like them!


  • Aaishah

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing your new content. Completely understand where you’re coming from. I love reading your blog and there’s definitely a uniqueness about it. To be honest I don’t mind at all that your not jet setting all over the world, I love that you take time to document the little things like your current favourite teas or your morning walks. Xx

  • I feel similarly to you, I think. I started blogging when I was a literal child and I will be 30 in April, and my life is just SO not what blogging has become. I don’t like to be in front of a camera, for one thing, which seems to be pretty key these days. I’ve actually completely put my personal blog on hold and I’m focusing on a design/code blog instead. There’s a lot less pressure to post and conform to this ideal which I’m loving. I haven’t missed lifestyle blogging at all. I think when I eventually do go back to it, it will be more about personal blogging and writing because I like to write. 🙂 Glad you’re back and I’m looking forward to your posts!

  • I guess this is perfect timing for the both of us, Carrie! This year for some reason it’s been really difficult for me to write up a post, take photos that went along with it, and promote it on social media in hope that it would get an even larger response than my previous post. For me it took 2 hours at times to get one post “up to my standards” I think, and it was draining I’ll tell you that much. I even said multiple times that I would start posting more often, and to expect seeing my name pop up more but I think we all know that never really followed through. I’ve kind of felt I have disappointed my loyal readers, or that they’ve stopped caring in general which is why I haven’t been posting a lot anymore. I still get time where I think “oh, this would be such a good thing to publish” but it never gets around to being done. Hopefully you have better success getting back to your basics, as I’m still trying to figure out mine 🙂

    WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty

  • Lovely words. I’ll enjoy following along as always. Bestest wishes,

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  • I have moments when I feel the same way. I started a blog because I love to write. But there are times when it’s just hard to write anything. I am excited for you with your new chapter!

  • I started my blog because I loved to write, it is hard to not feel down about it sometimes. I have followed your blog for a while and love it so much so I’m excited about your new chapter 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  • I support you in every way! I love some new starts in life. 🙂

  • Happy to hear that you’re rediscovering the joy of blogging 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • iamandjelka

    I support what you said here. I revisit your blog all the time because it is authentic and because it makes me feel good. It doesn’t make me think less of my life because I haven’t traveled the world this year and it doesn’t make me feel like I would be so much happier if I just spend a fortune on a face cream or designer bag.

    It makes me think I can create my happiness my way and to create one pleasant day at a time.

    So, thank you for that! I will keep reading 🙂

    All the best,
    Andjelka from Serbia

  • love this. I think I too fell into that trap of wanting to a be “pro blogger” and I started doing all these random how to posts and listicles and it stopped being fun. Now i’m just posting about my life. I really want to start taking photo’s again too!
    I prefer blogs that only post every now and then instead of constantly anyway. It’s easier to keep up to date. i’ve unfollowed so many blogs because they post way to often! I don’t have time to read blogs every single day!
    Looking forward to reading your future content!!

  • This is SO true, I did that recently with my instragram, asking myself WHY i post and what truly matters? I’m not doing it for likes, i’m doing it because i enjoy this visual diary of my life and sharing the things that make me SMILE!

    I recently did a post on the IG algorithm and the one thing it’s made me do is reevaluate. So many people have gotten caught up over it, stressing over lost followers, so I’ve chosen a different approach – focusing on ME! Ironically, i’ve never been gaining followers so fast, which just proves it’s not all about having the ‘perfect’ filter or posting endless coffee flatlays. Sometimes it’s just BEING YOU. XXXX

    Bumble & Be