Simplicity & Minimalism: A Resource List

When I first decided that I want to give this minimalism thing a try, I started out by doing a fair amount of research. As with so many topics, there is an awful lot of information out there and available, but not all of it is particularly useful. The following sources are the ones I have found particularly insightful or helpful so far:


Minimalism – Netflix

I’d heard a fair bit about simple living before watching this, but this is what secured the idea for me that minimalism is the path I wanted to follow. Following two minimalists and writers on a tour across the US, they visit a number of different people who show what minimalism means to them, and how it improves their lives. A great starting point to get you thinking.

Happy – Netflix

Good old Netflix then recommended the Happy documentary, which I found fascinating. It looks into people around the world and what makes them happy, and spoiler alert, a whole lot of it is around having less.


I haven’t found much inspiration in printed books, though I’m sure there are some out there, but I did really enjoy Sophie Davies of The Private Life of a Girl / Oh My Clumsy Heart ‘s ebook The 5 Step Method for Decluttering. If you too are faced with a house full of clutter, the want to rid yourself of it but no idea how, Sophie’s book is a great place to start.

Blogs / Websites

The majority of the information, inspiration and support I’ve found to be so useful has come from blogs and similar online spaces. Some huge inspirations to me include:

The Private Life of a Girl – A helpful, honest blog inspiring readers to live a more simple, more meaningful life. Covering style, home and decorating, as well as self improvement, it’s an excellent resource as well as a very pleasant read.

Un-Fancy – Caroline’s blog initially inspired me to turn my cluttered floordrobe into an organised Capsule Wardrobe, and is responsible for saving my style. It may have taken me a little while to get right, but I now have a wardrobe I love thanks to Caroline’s tips and directions. Another lovely read.

Reading My Tea Leaves – I’ve been reading Erin’s stories of a simple live inside a tiny NYC apartment for a while now, and each post inspires me to strive towards a calmer, more purposeful life. She has some amazing tips on sustainability and minimising waste too, another area I would really like to improve on.


This isn’t an exhaustive list, but are a few of the places I found particularly helpful, and I’m sure I will find some more along the way. What are your favourite simple living/minimalist blogs?

  • Erin’s and Caroline’s blogs are two of my faves – Erin’s book Simple Matters is excellent, worth a read if you haven’t already. I love keeping up with your simplicity/minimalism posts!

    Kate /

  • Ahhh your photography makes me so happy!

    Alice //

  • I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love your blog :). It’s one that I always remember and always come back to, it’s just so unique and perfectly presented. Just gorgeous, you should be so proud of what you’ve created! Also thankyou for the links to other blogs, I’ve just discovered a couple more beautiful ones I’m sure I’ll soon become obsessed with! 😉

    Katie //

  • Great list! I love getting netflix recommendations.

    Sarah //