Minimalism & The Coffee Lover


That magic substance that seems to make my world go around. I probably spend far too much time thinking about the stuff, but I do rather like it, and as it brings me joy, it’s therefore something I’m going to hang on to. If you follow my instagram, you’ll see that coffee makes up quite a large part of my day, and it turned out it was taking up quite a lot of my kitchen (and house!) too.

I had bags and bags of blends, bottles of unfinished syrups, leaky travel cups, and a cupboard so full of mugs that the door didn’t shut, but rather hung open revealing it’s messy inner contents to anyone passing by.  I had a few cafetieres, a filter coffee machine and a pod brewer. The problem with having so much of everything is that there is just no way of using it all, meaning it goes to waste. Then, despite the coffee being something I love, sitting on a shelf unused and unloved made it little more than clutter, and therefore something to remove from my life.

On close inspection, nearly all of the coffee was way out of date and stale. The syrups were flavours I didn’t really like anyway and so weren’t going to use. Various brewers were just gathering dust, and I hadn’t used the mugs at the back of the cupboard for months. I grabbed a bag and I cleared. Anything out of date was to go, unloved syrups poured away and their bottles recycled. Mugs and travel cups to the charity shop, and finally a little bit of coffee-related calm appeared.

My current setup has been stripped back to basics and I feel that I have found beauty in the simplicity of it all.

In removing the endless choice and clutter, I’ve developed a routine that makes starting my day pleasant and calm. I buy one bag of local coffee beans at a time, grind them in my machine and then brew in a french press. Having one bag at a time saves waste, and I love that I’m supporting local businesses with my daily habit. Grinding your own beans each day means the coffee is fresher and tastier, and lasts longer as you only make what you need. I’ve replaced 5 or so plastic rarely used travel mugs with one rather attractive KeepCup – it’s universally sized so you can take it into most cafes in place of a paper cup, which is a nice way of keeping waste down.

I still enjoy a syrupy cup now and then, and so have one bottle of syrup at a time, only replaced when empty. Having just the one seems to make me enjoy it more, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on choice or option. Simplifying to this extent has made me appreciate the things I do have, I now only drink delicious local fresh coffee, freshly made, out of my favourite mugs, which is a rather lovely way to start every day.

How do you take your coffee?

  • I have a Nespresso, which I love dearly and probably would save in a fire before anything else lol. But I also had a Keurig and a French press, and as you said with Kcups and ground coffee it all got to be a bit much for me and my small kitchen. I got rid of everything but the Nespresso because I usually prefer Espresso, if I want a latte or regular coffee it can do that too.
    I am quite interested in the KeepCup, is that cork around the middle?

    • Carrie

      Ha! I love this. I love how much you love the Nespresso too, it’s definitely about slimming things down to just the things you love! It is cork, it’s apparently recycled from wine bottle corks which I love all the more! 🙂 C x

  • This was the perfect post to wake up to. I’ve developed a love for black coffee, just as it is. Such calm is felt from your words and pictures. Xx

    Best wishes. . .

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    • Carrie

      Thank you Amelia, that is very kind! There’s something rather special about black coffee, often it’s a real breath of fresh air in a world of foam topped lattes! C x

      • I very much agree! Xxx best wishes xx

  • A coffee clear out sounds like a very good idea… I need to do the same with my tea, I seem to hoard the stuff – I also seem to hoard mugs and tea cups, Definitely due a cull! We treated ourselves to a coffee machine a few years back, but I have started to love Lavazza coffee from a cafetiere! Something about Lavazza that I just love, not sure what it is… But I am addicted haha! Immy x

    • Carrie

      I feel it’s one of those times when the fewer things you have, the more you love the things you decided to keep! Good luck if you do decide to have a cull! Oooh I love Lavazza coffee, it’s delicious! 🙂 x

  • missgetaway

    Oh I do love me my coffee black and simple. Occasionally with a bit of soy milk and loads of milk foam. SO good. I used to buy syrups in bulks too but as you say, having just one makes you appreciate it more and gives you the opportunity to try plenty when you’re out in a coffee shop.

    Love your blog and instagram at the moment, by the way!

    love, kerstin

  • Fiona Call

    I have the same problem with coffee hoarding at the moment! I have a filter machine and I at one point had accumulated a ridiculous number of packets and options. I’ve also simplified what I’ve got: Hazelnut ground coffee from Whittards, Decaf ground coffee and some unflavoured ground! I’ve been tempted to do the same thing and start buying coffee beans and grind and use a cafetiere again, as I used one throughout my year abroad, and I must say, I think I prefer the flavour you get from that over my filter machine!

    Such a great post.

  • When I still lived at home, my dad and I had four different coffee machines and always an array of syrups. I absolutely loved it and it was our little ritual to choose our coffees in the afternoon and make them the way we liked that day. Now that I live on my own, I only have a caffetiere, two choices of syrup and one type of coffee, that’s it. I go home next week and can’t wait to be back in the land of coffee choices, but for my own cupboard, a smaller choice is definitely enough 🙂

  • Oh I love your KeepCup! I think I need a larger size than you have, but I love the shape of the size you have; it’s so cute! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s