Ultimate Maple Marshmallow Hot Chocolate


Colder weather requires warmer treats, it’s a fact. Hot drinks that ooze with melted marshmallows and steaming cocoa, and warm the soul as much as they do your hands and heart. It’s a treat for frosty mornings, rainy afternoons and chilly evenings; pretty much any time of day you fancy it. I’ve got a recipe to warm you through, no matter the weather!
It’s chocolatey, sweet and full of gooey marshmallows, which are an absolute requirement for this time of year. You’ll need some milk, I make mine with almond milk which works just beautifully. Fill your mug of choice with milk to measure and pop it in a pan to heat gently. Add two teaspoons of cocoa powder to the mug, and add a teeny splash of the hot milk in and stir to make a paste. Add a little more milk until it turns glossy, and add in a healthy dose of maple syrup. Keep stirring. Add more milk until the cup is 1/3 full and stir it in. Add in a layer of marshmallows to cover the surface of the milk, and a few chocolate chips for good measure. Add a little more milk, and then a few more marshmallows, and repeat until the cup is full. Adding the marshmallows straight into the hot chocolatey milk means they start melting straight away. Sprinkle a few more onto the top and add a few more chocolate chips for good measure.

Leave for a few minutes (if you can) to maximise the melting, then enjoy, preferably with a good book and a cosy blanket, and maybe some pumpkin pie spiced baked donuts too.


Increase the quantities by using as much milk as what fills the cups you’re using, and double (triple, quadruple etc) up the other ingredients.


Nice and simple, but gooey and delicious. A colder weather staple!