The Lost Photo Collective

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Photographs make me happy. Whether I’m taking them, editing them, looking at them or planning my next shot, there’s just something so special about capturing moments, however small they may be. I think perhaps my biggest weakness when it comes to photography is overshooting. I can turn up to the beach at sunset and happily snap over a thousand images, desperate to ensure I don’t miss that perfect shot. This of course leads to a lot more work behind the scenes, in sorting, choosing favourites, editing, and often some will be left behind.

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My task to myself at the beginning of the year was to try and get on top of the digital ‘stack’ I have piling up, to make my way through a seemingly endless collection of photographs from the last few years and try to create some sense of order. I’ve made a good start, my digital albums are already looking more organised and I’m hoping before long it will be time to print them into actual, tangible photographs to hold in my hands and keep in leather bound volumes, something that seems to make the images seem all the more special!

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One of the issues I was having was knowing how to share them. It took me so long to sort the photographs from my holiday last August that the middle of winter didn’t quite seem the right time to share my snaps from the height of summer. A rather lovely little series of images of Brighton in the snow felt a little bit strange being published multiple years later. I have therefore decided to create an online series for myself to give these photos a new home. Enter: The Lost Photo Collective (#thelostphotocollective) – a new project to save photos from the depths of random external hard disks and make sure they see the light of day. Somewhere to share images without needing an accompanying story or order for posting. A place to share the pictures that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else, but would be a shame to disappear. I’d love  for others to share theirs too, I’m starting the hashtag to share mine, but would love for others to use it too!

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We’ll call this Part One, a little introduction if you will, and I look forward to sharing more soon!

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Images: Rainbow Row, Charleston, South Carolina – August 2015. Brighton in the Snow – January 2015. Fen – May 2015.

  • I’m in awe of your photographs Carrie – always love looking through them and reading your posts (you might have been able to tell by now haha) but you just take stunning photos!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Molly

    Beautiful photos!! You’re really talented. Molly x

  • So beautiful.. I love the dreamy atmosphere of your pictures.


  • Oh my god, you’ve literally taken the words out of my mouth. I shoot constantly, and I love so many of the images that I take, but so many of them just get buried. I’m going to join in with this, because I feel like those poor little guys who are so beautiful, but have been forgotten or “don’t quite fit” do need to be seen 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Wow, I love this post! So many of us have random pictures from ages ago hanging around on memory cards, we should definitely share them. Amazing snaps!

    Harriet | Shake This Town – Beauty and Lifestyle

  • What a cute dog!