Taking Some Time, and Tea


– Cups, tea, Tea-iere & hourglass by JING –

We could all do with a little more time. Life has got busier, but we’ve grown along with it, becoming accustomed to always having so many things to do. So many of us, myself included, are no longer so sure on our ability to switch off.

When I’m overwhelmed, over worked or in serious need of a break, I turn to tea. The ritual of making and brewing it means you have to focus on something else, and even if only for a short space of time, diverts your mind to something simple and relaxing. There’s something quite magical too about brewing your own loose leaf tea. Watching the steam rise and the leaves unfurl while your tea steeps give you a moment of calm, often a much needed moment of respite in a busy day.

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It feels like a rather wonderful little secret. A quite space in the day that no one knows about, where you have the wondrous ability to completely stop for a few minutes.

It’s a gift you can give yourself, but all the more wonderful to share with a friend. With Christmas approaching, tea, with the added extra few moments, makes a lovely gifting idea, and even more so the time you can then spend together; resting, chatting, or putting the world to rights over a cuppa, all of which beckon a welcome break from the madness of the work week.


Once steeped with the leaves unfurled, it’s time to pour. Decant into cups and enjoy, but be sure to sit for a little while to watch the steam as the drink cools. Use the time to take a break and switch your brain to something different. It’s a great time to reflect, daydream and wonder, or just take some time to be still.


Gift yourself the gift of a few moments of nothingness, even just taking a few short minutes out of the day will help to slow your pace and allow you the space to move forward more productively. Whether alone or sharing that time with a friend, we could all do with a little break sometimes.

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So if you’re still hunting for the perfect gift for that special someone, consider giving them some tea, and some time. Give them a reason to take a few minutes out of their day to steep, brew, pour and stop for a while. Or give them your time, to drink with them, spend time together and take a meaningful break with a loved one.


Note – tea featured is JING’s beautiful Jasmine Pearls – floral and fragranced, and mesmerising to watch as the leaves open!

  • I’m obsessed with your photography, it’s stunning!

    x Annabelle

  • I completely agree. Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than making yourself a couple of tea, and then drinking it. 🙂 x

    Claire | rose-tinted.com

  • Today Souhaila

    nice post,I’m a huge tea lover and as a gift it would be the best to receive xo


  • Mmm tea over coffee for me! Love the teapot and the cups too, glass teapots are my favourite! <3

  • I am a coffee person, but some time i drink tea too. lovely post.

  • Can I just say, this was a wonderful piece of writing. I truly love what you have done with your blog – I’ve been following you since your makeup review days.

  • Ester Barrios

    jasmine pearls is one of my favourites tea, so delicate and delicious!

  • Today Souhaila

    tea is my fav drink to have in the morning,I have never tasted the jasmine pearls tea but it sounds great xo