Sunset on the Lake

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I often feel very lucky to come from such a beautiful part of the world, and sunset in the summertime reinforces that view perfectly. Last night, after dinner, we grabbed our cameras and a warm jumper and headed up to the lakes at the Cotswold Water Parks, just a short drive away. We just wandered around one of the smaller lakes waiting for the sun to go down and basked in the evening glow. The reflections were beautiful on the still water, the only movement coming from the few birds diving up and down. The light is especially beautiful at this time of year, so I’d highly recommend going out for a wander between 8 and 9pm!

  • These photos are so magical Carrie I love them – so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • The picture of the “tunnel” is so beautiful! I love walking around 7AM and around 8PM when the sun is just barely up 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Absolutely stunning shots. So beautiful and like Lucy said – magical!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  • Megan

    Carrie, this is absolutely gorgeous. Little adventures in the countryside like this feel so special, thank you for sharing x

    Megan /

  • Amazing photos! I especially love that photo of the pathway into the woods. Amazing…
    Blue Jazzmin

  • Becca

    This looks beautiful! I always passed the sign for the Cotswold Water Park on my way back to uni and always wondered what it actually was! But now I’ve seen how lovely it looks I’ll have to stop by 🙂 xx

  • Wow what a spot!

    Sophie x

  • Beautiful photos.