A Second Simple Week


I’ve got to the end of my second week of my project to simplify, and I finally feel as though I’m getting somewhere. A further 11 bags were sorted and removed this week, taking the total up to 34. This still feels like a fairly drastic amount, and I can’t quite believe there was that much unnecessary stuff floating around my house. The space is starting to feel a lot calmer now though, which was the goal, and so I finally feel as though I’m making progress!

Slow Living

As well as simplifying my house, I feel as though I’ve made progress in simplifying my schedule and actions this week. Every morning I’ve taken some time to start my day away from screens, sitting in the garden by leaving my phone and laptop inside, and I feel as though my mind feels clearer for it. With the wonderful weather we’ve been having, I’ve been taking the time in the evenings to go for a walk with my camera, or if I need to pick up some food, to walk to the further-away supermarket and enjoy the wander on the way. Time I would have spent mindlessly scrolling through my phone, sitting on the sofa with the tv playing in the background has been replaced with fresh air, and the change has been joyfully received. I’ve also been working on mindfulness and stillness, skills that I’m hoping to improve as they are so beneficial for mind and body.


Having cleared everything out and made space, I’ve finally been able to start organising what remains. I’m finally happy with my capsule wardrobe, and in removing everything I didn’t love, am now able to focus on the things I do. I have made a few purchases this week in the form of a new pair of sandals, replacing 4 badly fitting pairs that went to charity, and some new boyfriend jeans and a chunky knit cardigan, replacing multiple worn out items that have been donated or recycled. Only buying exactly what I need and want meant I had a little more budget to play with too, and was able to buy nicer, more well made items which will last longer too.

I do feel as though I’m finally getting somewhere, and am excited to share my progress so far and some tips & tricks I’ve been picking up along the way!

  • I started this journey a few months ago and honestly it’s the best thing for your soul when you’re feeling stagnant and overwhelmed, good luck with the rest of your journey!


  • Diana Maria

    That’s so much! Good for you, I’ve been doing the same! I’ve sold a few clothes to thrift shops, and donated the rest. Isn’t it so crazy to see how many things you have? It sounds like you’ve been doing so well with embracing minimalism xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • We are in the process of moving right now and before we pack things away we’ve been try to go through items thoughtfully. We’ve gotten rid of quite a few things, mostly by donating to Goodwill. The thing I struggle with the most is the guilt I feel about the items that just need to be thrown out that have no use in donation or passing along to a friend. Any thoughts on that? Did you have a lot that was just garbage?