Planning an Autumn Capsule Wardrobe


Seasonal changes call for a wardrobe change-up!  I’ve had a capsule wardrobe for just over a year now, and honestly couldn’t imagine life without it. There hasn’t been a day since I started when I didn’t have something to wear (excluding the days I got behind on the washing), and everything I’ve worn, I’ve loved wearing. I won’t bore you with the specifics and how it all works, but do feel free to pop me a message if you have a question on that side of things!


My Spring & Summer capsules this year were largely the same, and mostly very simple. Jeans and t-shirts were a staple, and then a slip dress with a shirt over the top when it got a bit toasty, but mostly all very similar. This served the purpose well, but now it’s time to plan my next round, I’m excited to change things up a bit and add a bit more excitement and variety!


I’m going full ‘autumn’! I’ve pulled out my favourite pieces from storage, and am building the collection around those items. I’m choosing warmer, bolder tones, making a nice change from last seasons nearly exclusively denim, black and grey. Reds, oranges and browns, and more exciting fabrics and textures like suede and big chunky knits make up my ‘statement’ pieces, which I’m paring with more simple basics like leggings for layering, my favourite boyfriend jeans and cosy cardigans. It’s the season for layering, and the capsule side of things makes that nice and easy as everything goes together! If you’re planning your own, I’d recommend picking your favourites and making them the centre of your capsule, and then find versatile, comfortable items to wear alongside them to compliment them. I think I’m sticking to the same number of items, though there is the temptation to make it larger as there are so many lovely pieces out there at this time of year! I’ve got a little way to go, but am looking forward to sharing when I’ve finished!


Do you have a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to see what you’re wearing this Autumn!

  • Yes to going full autumn! Fall colors are so beautiful.

  • I’d really love a capsule wardrobe. For years I’ve kept a very similar style but now that I feel like I’ve grown out of that, every morning looking at all my clothes makes me feel a little lost! Do you have any links to anything that helped you get started with creating a capsule? Stephie xx

  • This sounds like such a good idea, and I think I need to start doing that by choosing more key seasonal pieces 🙂

  • I’ve never done a capsule wardrobe before, but seeing all of these colors sort of put the fire under me for some reason! I love the idea of picking the few favorites and building around that. I could easily put this into my bullet journal too. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • I really need to do a autumn capsule wardrobe and stop myself from just buying pointless pieces – loved this post!

    Lucy | Forever September