Offline Inspiration


Although a giant source of creative inspiration, the internet can often be a little overwhelming. Wonderful creations like pinterest, tumblr and the thousands of amazing blogs out there make finding ideas so simple and fast, but often mean we are bombarded with images, words and other peoples thoughts which isn’t always what you need, and sometimes you just need to switch off.


I was never a fan of magazines when I thought the selection was restricted to the editions you could find on the end of the aisle at the supermarket, which turns out is rather incorrect. It’s so refreshing to discover that there is life in print based media outside glossy tabloids and tacky headlines. Independent stockists are popping up all over the country, and being able to order magazines online has somewhat changed the game. It’s almost as if these blogs and online content that we love so much has taken a giant leap off the internet, and grown into these beautifully printed books to enjoy time and time again. Once I’d discovered this little world of beautifully curated photographic lifestyle pieces I was hooked, and have bought regular issues as often as I can since. A few of my favourites include:

In Clover is a bi-annual publication focusing on the joy of offline pursuits. It’s a new one and only on Volume 3, with lovely features covering travel, decor and food. This is a magical magazine if you’re looking for photography inspiration and is a treat for the eyes from cover to cover.

Betty started in 2010, created to offer a ‘more intelligent choice for girls’, which they have certainly succeeded. This is the perfect antidote to trashy gossip, featuring inspirational women, attainable fashion and some delicious food pieces thrown in!

Oh Comely is one of my absolutely favourites. It’s bi-monthly and packed full of beautifully written features with a lovely balance of fashion, music, and stories from real humans supported by beautiful photography and illustration throughout.

Frankie is a little larger and comes from Australia, but is a brilliant source of inspiration for creative ladies, covering a huge range of subjects including creative pursuits, personal editorials, fashion and art. This is one where every page leaves you full of ideas and is beautifully put together.

91 Magazine. This is the newest one in my collection and a rather lovely one. It’s a bi-annual print, focusing on attainable and affordable living with craft, DIYs and home styling with stunning photography throughout. This is a twice yearly publication.


What are your favourite sources of offline inspiration?

  • There are so many super independent magazines out there, aren’t there? I really like Huck, and Juxtapoz as well as Aesthetica, there is something so refreshing about reading print and being inspired by it 🙂

    erin | art and words

  • Laura Torninoja

    I love the look of these magazines! I’ve seen Betty magazine around before, but for some reason have never read it – this must be rectified ASAP haha! I think after next payday I might go for a little (=big) magazine shop – can’t wait to flick through all of these. 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • lovely! i’m yet to find a magazine that i’m a hundred percent inspired by, i used to read kinfolk but it’s not really me. we have this great interior decor magazine in norway called kk living, but it’s a hit and miss from issue to issue (loving their christmas specials though – already bought it!). thanks for the recommondations, i’m going to look into them a bit more 🙂

  • Hi Carrie! Great read, I can totally relate to this. What I don’t like about reading online is that there never seems to be that finish line. Good magazine is , discovered it at the Tate and love how they cover various countries. Oh, and another good offline activity: being in nature. Have a lovely end of the week! Cheers, Finja

  • I like Click magazine for photography inspiration and stories. I used to get it digitally, but I LOVE having it in print even more.

  • I absolutely love both Oh Comely & Frankie, such beautifully done magazines – really need to try reading a few of the others!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I’ve been reading a couple of these for a while but haven’t come across some of them before, so definitely going to check those out! Thanks for sharing xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  • frankie and oh comely are my absolute faves! plus the covers are always so beautiful! 😀

  • If you love Frankie and Oh Comely then you will love Flow. It’s now my absolute favourite! It’s full of things about mindfulness, and being more offline (specifically for Paper Lovers). It sounds like I’m being sponsored to say this, but I’m really not! It’s also beautifully designed, and quite often comes with some lovely freebies! Stephie xx

  • Natalie Redman

    I’ve never read any of these! Must give one or two a try!

  • Sinéad Danielle ✿

    A growing dislike for magazines is kind of what drew me to blogging in the first place, but I really find the internet overwhelming at times too! There’s just so much content and I feel stressed out when I can’t consume it all!! Will definitely be looking into these titles though, thanks for sharing!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥