Live From the Countryside: The Village Fete

village-fete-9-of-18The end of the summer signals my village’s Produce & Handicraft Show which truly is as wonderfully countryside clichéd as it sounds. It’s the Vicar of Dibley come to life in the middle of Wiltshire and it’s as magical as you’d hope.


The local residents submit everything from eggs to cakes to gin to flowers to have them tasted, prodded and judged to win the coveted first prize certificate.


Those with the most points win cups and shields and eternal glory (for the remainder of the year).


The entries are scrutinised: cakes are torn open and checked for soggy bottoms, veg is sliced into and the judges make sure to thoroughly test any alcohol submitted, and then test it again just to be sure.


Daisy appeared to rather enjoy her time in the tent and placed herself ready to catch any falling crumbs or treats.

village-fete-13-of-18 village-fete-14-of-18 village-fete-17-of-18

One of my favourite categories – ‘A Floral Arrangement in a Melon’. Obviously. This was my Mum’s entry below. Should have been first prize if you ask me!


It wouldn’t be a proper village fete if I didn’t enter my scruffy pup in the dog show. She grouched and grumped her way through, snarling at the other entrants, which sadly didn’t impress the judge so we left without a rosette.


How anyone can say no to that face is beyond me though, you’ll always be a prizewinner to me puppy!


Despite my concerns she clearly enjoyed herself, as seen here having a snooze after sharing my pork bap.


And of course, what fete would be complete without a sassy looking alpaca in a coat?!


  • How fun 😀 And oh my god, that alpaca makes my heart melt, so adorable, hehehehehe.

  • meg

    Looks like such a fun day! And you know what? I want to be as sassy as that alpaca.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  • Oh, this looks and sounds so wonderful. I love the dog show! How fun! 🙂

  • Floral arrangement in a melon! That’s so cute. Your mom’s arrangement is incredibly beautiful! This looks like such fun a show!


  • Lovely photos, local fairs and fetes are the best thing about living in a village – I love it!

    Anika |

  • Okay, next year I’m so taking you up on your offer to tag along! Also, if your mum ever wants to arrange flowers in a melon for me I’d be totally on board.