Goals & Plans for October


The start of a new month is the perfect time to stop and reassess, and make sure you’re on track to where you want to be going. It’s a great time to set goals and make a little plan for the coming weeks. My plan for October is to…

… Crack on with fitness and healthy eating. In September I (very nearly) managed to wear my Fitbit every day, though didn’t quite keep up with my daily steps goal. My plan for October is to hit that goal every day and maybe order fewer pizzas! I’m definitely feeling an improvement in terms of eating a little better, but need to keep it up and make sure I don’t slip back into too much unnecessary snacking.

… Keep writing! I’ve posted on here nearly everyday for over two weeks now, and making myself write something every day, no matter how small, has been a great creative exercise and a good brain workout! My plan is to keep going throughout October, and I’m excited to get started on some festive autumnal content.

… Cosy up the house. We’re almost there on the whole making the house a home thing, we’ve got most of the furniture we need and it’s definitely feeling less empty, but it could do with a few more personal touches. Seasonal decorations are definitely helping, but I’m hoping to have things nice and cosy very soon!

… Finalise my Autumn capsule wardrobe. The weather is very nearly cool enough to pack away my dresses and wear nothing but cable knits, and I can’t wait! My Autumn, Winter and Spring wardrobes tend to blend into one so I want to get it right, I’ve got a few more pieces I’d like to add in but hopefully will be ready for the cooler weather very soon!

So that’s my plan for October! What are your goals for the month ahead?

  • I think October is a great time to reflect as it seems like the rest of the year comes at such a quick pace and soon it’s next year! Plus I work from home and I love working when it’s a bit darker and I can light some candles and really focus. 🙂

    Aisling | anthologie.

  • Good luck with the health & fitness goals!

  • Sophie

    Good luck with hitting all the goals – its always good to have them written down!
    A Story of a Girl

  • I’ve been loving your posts recently Carrie – can’t wait for more autumn themed ones too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I don’t know how your house could get any cosier but I’m excited to see the results! Also to add to your To Do list – visit with Jaye! Maybe you need to come stay in bournemouth for a weekend! I think a day in the New Forest snapping photos sounds like fun! xxx

  • love it Carrie!! :):)

  • Nicole

    Where is that gorgeous notebook from! So glad to catch up with your new blog!! xx