Fifty Shades of Green

garden 1

I’m not a gardener, but my mother is. I’ve always been fascinated by the plants she grows from seed, seedlings and little tiny shrubs, and nurtures them into blossoming flowers and expansive plants, organised perfectly into their own spot of her meticulously planned borders, looking comfortably at home as if they’d grown there naturally. She makes it look easy, popping tiny pieces of greenery into pots, and somehow, almost miraculously, they rapidly transform into colourful leaves, bright flowers, or edible vegetables.

garden 2

The greenhouse is a factory of little tiny green sprouts of life, neatly laid out in rows awaiting planting into the garden. Some are just starting out and look no larger than a few blades of grass, but others are already developing complex structures in more varying shades of green than you could count. Even on the greyest of evenings, the green shoots seem to glow out of the dark earth, spreading upwards and outwards.

garden 3 garden 4 garden 5

I don’t have a greenhouse, or even any grass at the moment, but I am trying to start my own little city garden back here in Brighton. I’m stocked up with pots, seeds and compost after a trip to the garden centre, and by some form of magic, I’ve already have some signs of life. I may not be the most green-fingered individual, but if I can keep a baby tomato plant going, then I’m going to be one happy gardener!

garden 6 garden 7 garden 8 garden 9 garden 10 garden 11 garden 12 garden 13 garden 14


  • Kate

    I really love your photography Carrie, your photos always look so crisp and effortless and personal. I’m especially drawn to the last two in this post.

    Kate |

  • Great snaps, I don’t have a green thumb but I do love seeing pictures like these.

  • I love gardening so much, back when I was a little girl I enjoyed spending time with my Grandpa in his garden and watch him do his magic on all those pretty little (and big) plants, trees and flowers 🙂 I’m also currently trying to keep my little city (balcony) garden alive, so far things are doing really well, let’s hope it stays that way! 🙂 Good luck with your plants too! 🙂


  • This is a gorgeous greenhouse! City gardening is hard (I’ve got quite a few plants on my city porch and sprinkled through my apartment). I don’t get great light thanks to other buildings. But it’s so rewarding! I hope your tomato plant survives!

  • Absolutely LOVE your new blog Carrie! It looks beautiful. I am so keen to start gardening, some how we have landed a garden at our new flat in London. I can’t wait to get stuck in over the summer! Immy x

  • These photo’s are beautiful! Your posts are always so calming! I’d love to have a little balcony and some pot plants on my flat but for now I have to make do with a rather lovely park just across the road! xx

  • Gorgeous photos! I have just started dabbling in a bit of gardening and my boyfriend has been growing some veg too which seems to be going well! x

  • Beautiful photos. I have a couple of plants at home, but I don’t water them as much as I should =S
    Blue Jazzmin

  • I also have a green-fingered mum and thought I hadn’t inherited her love of growing, but realised that it was just because I was too impatient! She gifted me some tubs because like you, I don’t have any grass either, just a tiny narrow patch of muck round the side of the house. Anyway, a couple of months later and I’ve got potatoes, tomatoes and a few other bits and pieces growing and OMG it’s so satisfying! Almost addictive! Enjoy creating your little green sanctuary 🙂