Cupboard Cookies

cupboard cookies 3

Good days, bad days, early starts, late nights, celebrations and commiserations are all excellent excuses for baking cookies. Cookies often, require no excuse at all, and sometimes you just need to be able to whip up a batch to satisfy a craving or to fill your belly  at the end of a busy day. Sometimes however, this can arise at a time when popping to the supermarket for supplies just isn’t practical, or simply, you just don’t want to leave the house today. So, I present to you: the mighty Cupboard Cookie. Born out of an urge for oatmeal cookies but discovering I had no brown sugar, golden syrup or many of the traditional ingredients, I experimented with what I could find, thankfully all being the  ‘basic’ ingredients you’ll often find in your cupboard and spice rack.

cupboard cookies 7
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Not the most glamorous of bakes, but they make up for their lack of beauty with their soft and chewy centres. I’d serve them straightaway while they are still a little bit warm, and save the rest for tomorrow’s tea break, where they are rather perfect for dunking in a brew.

cupboard cookies 1

I’d note that there’s a lot of room for variation here. I used maple syrup because it was there, but I’m sure anything sweet and sticky would do the trick. I used a combination of my favourite spices too which gave it a lovely warming flavour, but this is entirely down to your own interpretation. Throw in whatever you fancy and see what happens, part of the fun is experimenting!

cupboard cookies 2