Christmas Traditions: The Tree


It’s doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is glowing. Choosing a tree, unpacking the decorations and untangling the lights make up my favourite tradition, and nothing makes me feel quite as festive!


Every year we try and pack them away as neatly as possible, and every year they inexplicably come out completely tangled. Thankfully, unravelling glowy lights on a dark evening adds to the festive charm.


I love fairy lights all year round, but having nothing but candles and a tree illuminating the room throughout December makes for such a lovely calm and relaxed setting.


Holding a bundle of glowing lights just makes me smile!

tree-20-of-28 tree-19-of-28 tree-17-of-28

Fen is of course in charge of the whole operation, and kept an eye on our decorating throughout.


No tree is complete without the angel in her rightful place.


I always think the tree would be rather beautiful if left alone with just the string of lights, but part of the fun is the slightly over the top decorations. After the lights comes the garlands…


…And then the decorations! Decades of ornaments and memories collected and carefully stored to come out on display every December.

tree-15-of-28 tree-14-of-28

Fen, as per usual, oversees the festivities.


While Daisy remained remarkably calm about the whole thing…


No tree is complete without a Darth Vader, obviously.

tree-9-of-28 tree-8-of-28 tree-7-of-28

And Lucy and Schroeder, of course.

tree-6-of-28 tree-5-of-28 tree-4-of-28

Thankfully Daisy gave the seal of approval, and the tree is ready for another season. It truly is one of my favourite traditions!



Thanks to my lovely little brother for help with these snaps. What are your favourite Christmas Traditions?