Christmas Traditions: The Lights


One of my favourite Christmas Traditions in our family is the lights. Every year at the start of December, we decorate the front of the house. We’ve been doing it for so long now that if it’s not up in time, we’ll get phone calls asking why not.


There’s a big bush out the front which we cover in coloured lights which has since become affectionately known as the ‘burning bush’, and it’s become a comforting sight as the glow comes into view on the drive home to the house.


This year we all booked off the first day of the month to go home and get the lights up on time.

lights-3-of-12 lights-4-of-12

There’s a beautiful simple joy in coloured fairy lights, especially when tucked into a thorny hedgerow. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until the lights are on!



How do you get that festive feeling? Do you have any Christmas traditions?