Cherry Blossom

I think Cherry Blossom might be the most beautiful thing on planet Earth. A bold claim I’m sure, but the sight of delicate pink frilled petals against mossy branches, dancing below the blue sky and sunshine is a hard one to beat.

Red leaves burst from the crooked branches and open out into the most beautiful springs of sakura, tiny flowers grouped into posies with deep cerise centres.

There’s a magical week in the springtime where the earthy monotony of winter is suddenly broken by a display of red, pink and white. Streets that have seen no plant life for months are suddenly bursting with blossom. Country hedgerows slowly regaining their greenery are interspersed with rosy clouds of colour, in bright contrast to the browns and greys of the winter months.

Those of us that never leave the house without a camera in hand are suddenly late to all of our arrangements; I personally cannot fight the urge to stop and snap a hundred photos at a time of the blossom covered Cherries. I find myself clambering over hedgerows to get a better view, and am instantly distracted from whatever worries may come my way by the waving arms of pink against the bright April sky.

I came across this particular tree in Waterperry Gardens in Oxford, and it somewhat disrupted our walk as I couldn’t leave without ensuring I’d photographed every angle I could see, cooing over the beauty of the pink flowers just out of my reach.

The stunning pastel pink petals against the deep red and mossy greens of the tree, underneath the brightest spring azure sky are truly a sight to behold. I hear they are rather beautiful in Japan and quite the attraction in Washington D.C, USA, but I think they are rather lovely here in sweet England too.

  • Stunning Carrie ❤️

  • One of my favourite trees too, they just beautify a street and the petals cover the paths like pretty confetti. Beautiful photos Carrie!

    Kayleigh |

  • I can’t wait for my city to start blooming like this! I’m gonna have to make a habit of carrying my camera around everywhere ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I bloody love cherry blossom, there’s something so mystical about it I think and you’re right they really mark the beginning of spring!


  • Diana Maria

    I always feel the need to snap a few photos as well, I just can’t help it! These photos are so stunning, I love the cherry blossoms they’re so colourful and Spring-like. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

  • Cherry blossom is definitely the most beautiful thing on planet earth – it reminds me of new beginnings, and sunnier days, love it!

    Lucy | Forever September