Catch Up Snaps


Happy weekend folks! I’ve developed a nice little Saturday morning ritual where I sort through all my photos from the last week, so I thought I’d better share them!  Take a peek at last week’s here!


This week has finally been cool enough for the inaugural boot outing of 2016 – I went for my comfy Minnetonkas paired with boyfriend jeans and a comfy flannel shirt, my favourite autumn outfit!


Loz’s parents’ cutie Merlin. So soft, but so bitey!


Evening jams.


We’re continuing investigating our new local pubs and we may have a winner! The best pie I’ve had in a long time and some magically smoky mash, a meal I can’t stop thinking about!


It’s well and truly conker season! We’re quite stocked up. Apparently they keep spiders out of the house and if so, can you really have too many?


What have you been up to this week?

  • Merlin is very photogenic 🙂

  • Merlin <3 <3

  • These are beautiful, atmospheric pics and make a nice change from the standard, high exposure shots that have become prevalent these days. It works so well for posts like this, love it!

  • I loveee autumn, and these photos are just too pretty! Who knew conkers keep away spiders? I need to get on and test that out haha xx

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  • Absolutely beautiful photos, and I am especially enjoying the cat photos 🙂

    erin | words and pictures

  • You have the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen! Love your photography, there’s some real Autumnal vibes going on in these pictures 🙂

  • Awww cute kitty =]

  • Lovely photos. I’m anxiously awaiting boot weather. Til then, I’m wearing my ankle booties. 😉