The Cafe Around the Corner

Although tea and coffee are quite easily available at home, sometimes they taste better out of the house.

I’m very much a homebody. I like my house, and I have everything I need in there to keep me happy. Often there’s nothing I love more than pouring a fresh pot of tea and snuggling down on my sofa to enjoy it in the peace and quiet, or the solitude of my morning coffee before everyone else is awake. Sometimes though, I need to venture outside.

For me, I think one of the simplest joys and most wonderful things is discovering places that feel like home, outside of your home. Somewhere you can go to relax, or think, or just sit down and drink a cup of tea. Wonderfully, we’ve found that haven in the cafe round the corner.

A tranquil spot with the gentle buzz of chatter and whirring of coffee grinders, yet somewhere quiet enough to work, write and think. A simple food menu with exactly what you need, sourdough toast and jam to keep you going through a busy afternoon, and fresh chamomile tea to calm the nerves. A cosy place to sit down with someone and recount the stories of your day, yet comforting enough to sit alone if you need to.

It may be just a cafe, but I’m grateful to have found a lovely little place to be. Where to you go when you want to step out for some peace and quiet?

  • Laura Kanevičiūtė

    Such a lovely post! I definitelly feel you, cuz finding a cozy place to simply relax and detach from everything is just all you need sometimes ♥️

  • I love cozy posts like this!
    There’s a few cafes around my area where I enjoy the gentle buzz of conversation and clattering tea cups as well. I also love going to a few parks around my area and in the warmer weather, maybe grabbing an iced lemonade and reading a book on a park bench 🙂


  • I agree! I love having my morning cup of tea at home snuggled on the sofa or sat in bed whilst catching up with some work. But I do love a visit to café that has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Also it’s nice to have more of a selection of coffee’s and tea’s too for a change! Lovely post 🙂

    Kayleigh |

  • Oooh what a lovely little place, it looks so cosy and homely just from the pictures! I need to find myself a cafe like this I think!
    Peta xx

  • I’m definitely a homebody and love staying in the house for peace and quiet, but if I’m looking for that outside, I’ll often opt for a cafe! I’d like to spend more time outside and do work outside on nice days, but all my work is on my laptop and it can be difficult to read my screen outdoors! Even doing fun independent reading outdoors doesn’t always work for me, because I usually read off my iPad! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s