Building a Bouquet

bouquet 1.0

Flowers can brighten the greyest of rainy days or the darkest of moods, so I like to keep as many in the house as I can manage. Buying bunches can grow to be an expensive habit, so I’ve been trying to build my own bouquets.

bouquet 2

I pick up a selection at the local florist – this totalled just over £13 – a bunch of white chrysanthemums, a few purple Stocks, 4 large stems of Gypsophilia and a handful of eucalyptus. The chrysanthemums make a great base, you get a lot of flowers for a small price, this bunch was just £2.95. I like having a lot of green around the house, and the eucalyptus is a great option for this as it pads out posies with lovely textures and different shades of green. The pop of colour came from the stocks, £2.95 for three, but you can use whatever is pretty and in season. The Gypsophila is a favourite of mine and you get a whole lot from just a few stems. A little goes a long way, and it looks beautiful when dried out too.

bouquet 3 bouquet 4 bouquet 8bouquet 6 bouquet 9 bouquet 10

You’ll need to work out what you’re going to store your bouquets in. You might have fancy vases, which is lovely, but washed out jam jars and old candle classes work beautifully too. I started by chopping all the stems to size, my glasses were fairly shallow so they needed to be quite short. Trim off any leaves that would end up below the water too. You can start to see now just how many little stems you can get from those 4 bunches!

bouquet 13 bouquet 14

I filled my glasses with water and a little flower food which the florist kindly added in for free. Then just arrange as you fancy! I had four glasses and three stocks so went for one pretty white and green posy, and the rest featured one lone stem of purple. I’m no expert whatsoever, I just put a piece of eucalyptus, followed by a chrysanthamum, followed by a stem of gypsophilia, and repeat until the glass is full.

bouquet 17 bouquet 18 bouquet 21 bouquet 22

It’s quite nice to keep any additional eucalyptus leaves too. They smell gorgeous as they dry and have a myriad of uses!

bouquet 23 bouquet 24

I kept my posies all to myself and spread them around the house, but they make lovely gifts too. It’s something so simple to do yet something that can bring a whole lot of joy!

bouquet 16