An October To-Do List


I should probably apologise now for how much I’m going to repeatedly talk about how wonderful October is. It really is my favourite month of the year! I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this month and season, so thought I’d share my little autumnal October to-do list! This month, I hope to…

  • Build a bonfire and toast marshmallows (and eat them, of course!)
  • Find an epic forest with changing leaves to photograph
  • Make and eat (realistically at least 3) pumpkin pies
  • Watch all of my favourite movies for this time of year (I’m uploading a list my favourites tomorrow, think spooky Disney & Nora Ephron!)
  • Carve pumpkins and decorate the front of the house for trick or treaters
  • Find a new cosy cafe – I’m yet to find a favourite after moving, I now have a good excuse to sample as many as I can!
  • Start a new craft project – It’s been so long since I last made something, I think I need to find something new! Maybe it’s time to finally attempt knitting? Would love your recommendations here!

october-week-1-posts-52-of-53 What are your plans for October?

  • Good luck with all your goals for this month! I really want to find a gorgeous forest to photograph too.

    Ella xx

  • Love the first goal, how fun 🙂 Never done that.

  • I love this list! Also how cute is your little notepad?! x

  • Today Souhaila

    nice post, great list,my fav is to watch all of your favourite films that’s what I’m gonna do as well xo

  • Kat

    To embrace the upcoming winter and not let the cold bother me!

  • I’m definitely going to be heading out to one of our near by forests! Hopefully this Saturday and taking my new camera with me! I feel like the Autumnal feels have hit me ten fold this year, and I’m not complaining at all! Stephie xx

  • Kat

    Also, continue with my fitness classes (machines and cardio) and as always eat clean and healthy!

  • Laura Torninoja

    Good luck with finding the perfect cafe in your new area, it’s a very important mission! A new one has just opened where I live and I can’t wait to trial it out – it looks sooo cosy! 🙂

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Ou, good luck with finding your new cafe! I’m in such a small place that there is only one cafe with that cozy vibe, but it’s lovely! I hope you find something great 🙂 I actually just posted a fall bucket list, haha! It includes a few of yours: carving pumpkins, crafting, decorating. But I also want to enjoy my downtown area, warm drink in hand. We have some super cute local shops with gorgeous window decor 😉

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  • looks so cozy! good luck with your to do list 🙂 i’m excited to see what your favorite fall time movies are!

  • Love this list! Definitely in need of Disney films, bonfires and toasted marshmallows (*cough cough* SMORES!) Can’t wait to see some gorgeous pictures of the leaves and forest and your new project – knitting is great! (Although I haven’t done it in a while) So therapeutic and fulfilling actually (I’m so proud of my scarf I made!!)

    Josie // JosieVictoriaa

  • This list! Perfect! I’d love to sample more independent cafes…sadly I don’t drink tea or coffee so tend to frequent Costa as it sells Pepsi Max. I’ll need to find a coffee drinker to go on coffee shop hunts with! x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally.

  • Ooooh what a wonderful list! My plans include walks on the beach wrapped up warm, cooking lots of scruptious treats and cuddles with the cats. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful October!

    Peta xx