An Exciting Week

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As weeks go, this past one was a fairly momentous one. It’s almost as though life has been trickling on at a normal pace for months, and then suddenly everything happened all at once over the past 7 days. We’ve been planning a move for a little while but it was all a bit up in the air; our tenancy was coming to an end in August and we’d decided we wanted to find a place of our own (we’d recently been in a shared house). A little while back we viewed a lovely little semi and kept all our fingers and toes crossed, and rather wonderfully, we picked up the keys on Thursday.

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Loz and I have been together for quite a few years now, and lived together for 4 of them. We’ve always rented rooms in shared houses, so finally being out by ourselves was definitely cause for celebration! I’d been saving a lovely pink bottle of fizz for a special occasion, and Thursday seemed to fit the bill.

sunday catchup 2

Since then, we’ve been frantically packing, moving (I still am amazed at quite how much stuff you can fit in the back of a Ford Fiesta), unpacking and rearranging. We have very little furniture just now, but the coffee station is set up, and my beauty products are in the bathroom cabinet, the most wonderful change from having to keep them packed away in a bag!

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We’ve been doing plenty of exploring of the local area too. A new town takes a bit of getting used to but I can see us being very happy here. Moving is thirsty work, so naturally we had to track down some cocktails to reward ourselves after a busy day.

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Pre-moving, we made the most of an afternoon in our favourite (soon to be not-so) local coffee shop.

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And as if that wasn’t enough excitement, let’s flash back to Monday, when Loz graduated! It was the loveliest day, his parents came down to stay and we had a great time showing them around Brighton. I wore my favourite dress and even managed to find a floor to match it, and Loz got to wear a silly hat. We were graced with the most beautiful weather and had a truly lovely day celebrating.

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We’re starting to feel a bit more settled but I’m sure that will come when we’ve got a little more furniture in the house. We’ve still got a bit to move, but it’s starting to feel like home already! It’s quite funny how all these big ‘life moments’  seem to happen all at once. I can’t wait to share more pictures and posts about the the house, posting may be intermittent until we get internet installed, but I’ll try and keep you updated as best I can!