A Nail Wardrobe

nail wardrobe (2 of 2)In my quest to simplify my life and home, my beauty stash has proved to be the most difficult. I touched on it when I shared my Minimal Makeup Bag, but I often find myself torn somewhere in between wanting to hoard boxes of beautiful products, and a longing for clean, ordered simplicity. I’ve been working to find a middle ground, and feel like I’m getting there when it comes to my nail products. I love having painted nails and in all honesty don’t feel quite like myself without them. I love Sunday night rituals of at-home manicures, and there’s little that fresh pink paint on my talons won’t fix. I therefore didn’t want to deprive myself of those pleasures, but equally needed to do something about the overflowing box of paints, many of which rarely saw the light of day.

I’ve cut down to 8, and I’m happy with that. I started de-stashing by separating anything I hadn’t work in the past 6 months, and it quickly became clear where my favourites are! There was no point in holding onto colours I didn’t like, or that didn’t suit me, and that actually made the simplifying process very easy.

I’d just like to note that although all of these products are from the same brand, this post is by no means sponsored by them! I have bought all of these myself, and just prefer the brush and consistency of Essie polish.
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So, the ones that made the cut! I had a think about what I actually want and need polishes for, and set them into these categories:

The Red – I think everyone should have a good red polish. Red nails are smart, sophisticated and a little bit sexy, and a good red will go with most occasions. My favourite is Fishnet Stockings.

The PinkFondola Gondola’s warm pink shade is the perfect day to day polish for me. It’s a very pretty shade with a lovely splash of colour without being too bright and obnoxious.

The Nude – Everyone needs a muted, sensible shade once in a while. Brides to Be is the perfect nude for my skintone and has the loveliest shine too it, one of those shades that makes you feel very pretty when you wear it!

The Wintery – I adore Cashmere Bathrobe, it’s a dark blueish grey with just a little bit of glitter, reminding me of stormy winter nights with a little sparkling of stars. The dark tone makes it a good evening shade, while the cool cosiness of the grey makes it a great everyday shade for the cooler months.

The Bright – Bright polishes to me feel sassy, and why not go for full-on sass with a bright pink! Status Symbol is the ultimate bright, Barbie pink, one of those essentials all nail polish loving ladies should have in their arsenal.

The Vampy – If I could only keep one shade, it would be Sole Mate. It’s a deep, glossy purplish reddish black, and I just love wearing it. It looks great on short nails, long nails, during the day and when out at night.

The Pastel – One of the most popular Essie shades, Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous pale greeny blue. It’s a fun shade to wear and looks great with a tan!

The Fun – Last but not least is Go Ginza; a pinky lilac, light and bright and pastel too. It doesn’t really go with anything I’d normally wear but it’s a fun one and makes me smile!

If you’re having trouble shrinking your collection, try finding your favourite 8 polishes to fit with the above categories. It’s working for me so far, I’ve got a few shades I’m thinking of adding to my list, but it’s nearly there. I love and will wear every shade I’ve kept, so feel my little de-stash has worked perfectly!

  • Love the sound of Cashmere Bathrobe!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • Status Symbol looks gorgeous!

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  • I did this recently too! I gave away two thirds of my “collection” and now I’m down to a few bottles.. which I might eventually get rid of too. I never wear nail polish now so it seems silly to hold onto them.

  • I can relate with difficulty of finding the balance. At one moment, the mounting amount of product intimidates me, but the other time, I just need something new. Congrats for shaving your collection, I can only imagine it must felt good to you 🙂 Mint Candy Apple is always in my wishlist, Essie did amazing job with their pastels.

    Selene Addicted

  • Becca

    Love this little collection! I really need to cut down my nail polishes but somehow always convince myself that I need them all. I love the way you’ve organised this, one in every catagory. The perfect amount! xx


  • Brides to be is such a beautiful colour. I love your little collection, there’s a good range of colours without being excessive. I need to take notes haha!

    Abbi | http://www.simplyabbi.com

  • Claire Walker

    I always find that nail varnish is the HARDEST thing to stash?! At least they look pretty on display. I looove your photography on this post! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love the shade range. Ive never tried essie nail polish before.


  • The photo instantly caught my eye! If I could, I would invest in all of those colors in a package type thing! 🙂


  • Abby Evans

    These are such beautiful shades and I especially like Fishnet Stockings! It’s such a striking red!


  • Ooh, wonderful categories! I shall try this with my own stash. I’ve recently destashed a lot of my polishes, but I feel like the amount I have now is still too much.

  • These shades are all so pretty! I love Essie polishes! I really want to pick up Brides To Be & Go Ginza. <3

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  • Leanne Marshall

    Love the look of Status symbol. that is right up my street. Essie polishes are really good quality!
    Leanne xx


  • I love the photo, and I have to say I have a few of your colours of choice! Essie polishes are the best, really 🙂

    The Pink Traveller

  • This post is gorgeous! I love the aesthetic and the photos so much 🙂 I can’t pick a favourite shade, though, because they all look amazing!

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  • Oh, love how you picked one in each category, I should do that some time.

  • So many gorgeous shades that I’ve now added to my Essie wish list – I loove the look of Status Symbol!

    Lucy | Forever September