Not quite light, and oh so quiet.

Steaming tea, bundled in blankets and a little bit of calm. Gentle breezes rustle the leaves and the birds slowly being to sing as the light gently rises to start the morning.  Sipping tea while gazing through the fogged up glass, a period for reflection, and reminiscence. A moment of peace to revel in the sanctity of some time alone before beginning the day. A time to gather thoughts and prepare for upcoming plans, of whatever the day ahead may bring.

My secret sanctuary and a simple joy, 6am is my favourite hour of the day. Waking up in the dark may be a chore to some, but the extra hour to relax and take stock before entering the real world for the day is worth it’s weight in gold.

  • missgetaway

    Absolutely agree. I’m a morning person myself. There’s nothing better than getting up an hour earlier, enjoying your cup of tea and watching the world get up. So relaxing and inspiring!

    Love, Kerstin

  • Such a beautiful moment and couldn’t agree more about the serenity and beauty of waking up before everyone else does

  • I agree. I love waking up and feeling as though I am watching the world gradually wake up with me. There’s so much peace to it.

  • I absolutely love that time of the day. I feel like the rest of the world is still asleep, and those minutes are really mine and mine alone. x


  • I love waking up earlier to have some quiet time before I start my day too!

    xo, Liz

  • This looks so lovely and cozy. I love early mornings.

  • I would consider myself a morning person, but I’d really like to train myself to get up as early as 6am (I’m a student so I don’t need to get up that early at the moment.. so it’s a bit tricky!). I think tomorrow I’m going to set my alarm much earlier – you’ve inspired me to do so 🙂


  • Elizabeth Hisle

    Yes!!! I always get up at 6 or before. The stillness of it seems magical… I walk my dogs, have a cup of tea, then sit down for an hour of reading before work. Heavenly.


  • It’s so hard to wakeup early but there is a very particular joy in the earliest time of the day. I love how it feels a little chilly but so quiet. X

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  • Because I don’t get up that early often enough, 6AM feels like such a surreal time to me! I love getting up early on weekends, taking things slowly, and getting myself ready for a great day ahead 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • The hour in which i wake up always seems to be such a haze, i which i could enjoy it like you do. I love this post idea x


  • Today Souhaila

    I love morning when it’s quiet and I can hear just the birds tweet such a lovely things,for me 7 am is the perfect time hh