A Signature Scent

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people with a ‘signature scent’, but up until recently, I’d never found the one. I’ve had fragrances I liked, and some I’ve loved, but never one I’ve been able to fully commit and repurchase, until this rather gorgeous bottle came along.

Recently I was very kindly invited to visit the newly opened Jo Malone store in Brighton which is well worth a visit. It’s a gorgeous little boutique style store with a sort of bar area towards the back where you can chat with an expert to help find your fragrance. I went with the intention of checking out the store and little more; I’ve always admired Jo Malone’s gorgeous branding but never really found a fragrance I’d liked. I’d tried various testers and while they smelled lovely, they didn’t seem quite right for me. I sat down with a lovely advisor who started testing various fragrances to work out a direction I’d like (woody and spicy if you were wondering, far different from the sweet and floral I’d usually pick up), and helped me narrow it down to my two favourites, which turned out to be Wood Sage & Sea Salt, and Mimomsa & Cardamom.

I was taught all about layering fragrances, sometimes to find your perfect scent it isn’t a case of just spraying a perfume, but rather combining different scents to make it just right. The lovely ladies at Jo Malone showed me in layering a body cream with a cologne, you can create a new, more unique scent, and with this I found one I absolutely adore! In layering Mimosa and Cardamom body creme with the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne, it makes the most gorgeous sweet but spicy, fresh but woody scent that makes me smell so good that I don’t think I ever want to smell of anything else.

Jo Malone is edging towards the more expensive end of the scale, but with the quality and longevity of the scent, I do feel it is entirely worth it.┬áIf you’re a little unsure of fragrances or just can’t seem to find that signature scent, I would definitely recommend popping into store and getting some advice from a professional, and I’m sure they’ll find the one for you!


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  • I recently samples a Jo Malone scent and I’ve been hooked ever since – they’re so worth the price!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  • Wow, you’re super lucky to have went on the opening! I love Jo Malone fragrances, they’re so sophistocated. Love your photography too, btw x

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  • Jo Malone is an absolute favourite of mine! Can never go wrong with their scents


    Ellie xx

  • Megan Radford de Barrientos

    So beautiful. It’s so nice having a signature scent! I go through a year or two with one scent before moving on to the next- so a slowly evolving “signature”!