A Glossier Haul

If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ll have heard of Glossier. The beauty brand of the blog Into The Gloss, created by Emily Weiss has taken the internet by storm, and I for one have well and truly jumped on the bandwagon. They launched in the UK in October after being previously only available in the USA, and already seem to be everywhere you look on instagram and twitter, and I’m not surprised in the slightest.

Glossier launched a curated range of skincare and makeup focusing on the basics, creating everything you need for a daily minimalistic glowy look. If you’re into high coverage dramatic beauty, this may not be the brand for you, but for someone like me who tends to stay away from anything too drastic, it might just be right up your street. Their mantra of ‘skin first, makeup second’ really appeals to me, I’ve been making much more of a conscious effort to look after my skin lately and think it is an attitude we all could do with adopting when it comes to our faces!

But onto what I bought…

I made two orders. I recently had another huge clear out of my beauty stash and was looking to fill quite a lot of empty spaces hence the rather massive haul. I had a discount code for 10% off my first purchase, with which I picked up the Stage One set, consisting of a Balm Dot Com (I went for Birthday, which I LOVE), the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturiser, and it is my favourite purchase of them all. I’ve been using them daily since arriving in October and am so pleased with the result, my skin is clearer, smoother and more hydrated, and they are all a joy to use. I also picked up the stretch concealer, it’s not the heaviest so if you’re looking to completely erase dark circles then it may not be the one for you, but it stays put and makes my grey under-eyes brighter without any creasing or cakiness. Next up is the Haloscope Highlighter in Quartz, pretty and oh-so easy to swipe on to apply, and my favourite of the makeup items, the Cloud Paint in Dusk, but more on that later.

My order was delayed in the rush of the first UK launches and so I was sent a voucher which gave me the excuse to place a second order. I had been using the Birthday Balm Dot Com from my phase one set pretty much non stop so picked up their deal of 3 more balms. Now, I realise this may seem a little excessive to some but in the colder months, I have spent most years lamenting my dry, cracked and desert like lips. I have found something that works, so I decided to stock up and now there is one in my handbag, one on my desk, one by my bed and one in my makeup bag so I am never without it.

Now, they may not be the best lip balm in the universe, but I love using them, so I therefore use them more often, so I therefore always have moisturised lips. So it works for me! I picked up the classic fragrance free version which I apply every night before bed, the Rose scented version which has a light pink tint which is pretty for during the day on no-makeup days, and the mint version, which has a lovely refreshing tingle to it.

Next up and onto skincare, I picked up the Super Pure serum on the recommendation of many people. I have skin that is prone to redness and blemishes, and was a little sceptical of the stories I’ve heard about this being a bit of a wonder product, but it really does seem to be working. I get big red patches around blemishes and this noticeably, and quickly calms them down. It’s only been a few weeks so I can’t yet comment on the longer term benefits, but it’s doing a great job at shrinking and calming any nasties that do pop up.

Onto masks, and Glossier have two in their collection. I had no masks in my collection and so thought I’d try out both and these for me have been one of the things I’ve been the most impressed with. I started with the Mega Greens Galaxy pack, for clarifying and detoxing, and my first feedback is how comfortable it is. You massage it into damp skin and it dries out but still somehow is flexible so no uncomfortable stiffness or cracking while wearing it. But the real impressive part is the results. Now this is a little gross so I do apologise, but a little while after using, I noticed my nose felt rough, and on closer inspection, the patch of always slightly blocked pores on the side of my nose was clearing out a load of those blockages, meaning the mask appears to do exactly what it promises in terms of drawing out impurities. I’ve since been using it twice a week and my skin is feeling gorgeous. I’ve also been following it up with the second mask, the Moisturising Moon Mask, which is lovely.

My first order contained the Cloud Paint in Dusk which I loved so much that my second contained another shade, Beam. The Cloud Paints are a liquid blush/cheek colour in a teeny tiny tube but create the most gorgeous natural glow. You only need the tiniest amount on your finger to blend into your cheeks to make the prettiest colour. Dusk is a lovely brownish shade which I have been using in the hollows of my cheeks to create a bit of definition and warmth, and tend to use by itself for more low-maintence looks, and then for a brighter colour I dab the tiniest bit of Beam on top for a glowy peachy look. If I could recommend just one makeup item, it would be these. I can also seem them lasting for absolutely ages as you really only need the tiniest dab to create such a lovely look.

I don’t think I’ve ever placed a beauty order before that I’ve been so happy with. I have been using every item nearly every day since they arrived, so I can safely say that yes, I totally get the Glossier hype!

If you fancied trying anything out, * click here to shop the website and get 10% off your first order.*




  • Bo

    I’m totally obsessed with the Moon Mask. The texture is to die for. Really wanting to try the serums next.

  • I dream about getting my hands on this brand. I hope it will be available in the rest of Europe soon.

  • I’ve heard so much about Glossier, and I’ve already planned that my first purchase will be the Phase 1 Set! I’m just waiting to finish through my current set (not Glossier) before making the purchase 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Leanne Dolan

    I’ve resisted temptation so far, but it’s only a matter of time before I cave and buy the milky jelly cleanser and some cloud paints!

    Leanne @ Leanne Marie – Beauty | Fashion | Lifestyle