First Quarter Thoughts

Good morning April, and good morning reader. It’s been a little while, but I’m finally sitting down and putting hands-to-keyboard and tapping out some thoughts. It’s been a bit of a peculiar year so far, and one that is panning out rather differently to those previously. I could try making excuses as to my noticeable online absence, or the fact that I made it a few weeks into my project for this year before dropping off the map, but the simple fact is that I’ve just been busy.

Things are changing, and for once I am learning to embrace that. This is definite progress for someone who would usually try to bury my head in the sand at even the slightest notion of change. It’s almost comical how things are rapidly developing in different directions in almost every aspect of my life, and how this all seems to be happening at once, and so for now I am just trying to go with the flow. I’m sure I’ll share more in due course but it’s nothing horrendous, and actually all rather exciting, but for the moment I feel I am ready to get back to regular writing, and am looking forward to the consistency of doing so.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogs and my presence online. The blogosphere is a totally unrecognisable landscape to the one in which I first published a post, and while this concerned me for quite some time, I’ve realised that it’s actually perfectly and completely okay. I’ve watched so many wonderful inspiring people turn their hobbies into successful businesses, and worried how my space could fit alongside that when I don’t have aspirations that come anywhere close. I see people striving for excellence in their content which while being truly admirable, can leave feelings of inadequacy and questioning why I’m not working as hard as that. I wondered how there could be room for something less polished, less professional and less beautiful in a space so filled with excellence. I’ve wondered many things, and in doing so have come to realise something rather magical:

You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing.

In fact, you don’t even have to pay attention to what anybody else is doing. I didn’t start a blog for anybody else, and it’s worth remembering that. If I publish something that not a single other soul will read, then I’ve still achieved what I set out to do, to create something I wanted to create, and that in itself is wonderful. So that is how I will move forward: no writing for any other reader than myself, instead creating whatever I please. I am looking forward to reclaiming the space I created for myself to be able to set my thoughts into the atmosphere whenever I need to. It’s rather self indulgent, and I rather like it.


  • The fact that I’ve always written for myself from the very beginning is what keeps me going! I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, and sometimes in the middle of all that, I forget that this was always a space for myself, but when I remember why I started, that’s almost always enough! I actually think your blog, especially your photos, are quite polished! Though that’s beside the point haha. I love your little slice of life posts, and wishing you all the best! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Welcome back, Carrie. I missed your updates. Xx

  • Samantha Lavoie

    I really enjoy your blog yours and Cider with Rosie have to be my two favorite to read at the moment. I follow a lot of big time bloggers like Fleur De Force, A model Recommends, and Zoella but I really like ethos of yours and Rosie’s blog more. There is something very comforting about them. I especially love your autumn winter content.

  • Passport Please Travel Blog

    I just came across your blog and I really love it. I blog about travel myself but sometimes I’m so caught up on looking at the bigger things, the crazy adventures and life changing moments that I forget that it’s the little things that matter and sometimes the best thing about travelling are those moments that you have for yourself, when you sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Keep up the great work. Also have you ever read Flow Magazine? I think you’d really enjoy it

  • Your words resonate within my soul; well said. Your blog is lovely – discovered you through a link on Pinterest. I look forward to exploring your site!

  • Jamie Batty Sabot

    I feel so at home inside your writing. It gounds me and often reflects back thoughts I’ve been thinking I should think more about! Thank you for giving me solid ground to stand and ponder on 🙂