Wildland Wandering

I’m not sure England gets any more beautiful than when the sun shines in November. Not far from where I live is a little nature reserve, and at this time of year it turns into a magical sepia-toned wonderland. The bracken and ferns turn the most glorious shades of copper and gold, making the landscape glow when lit by the late afternoon sun. It makes the most beautiful setting for a weekend walk, though I find you rarely get more than ten steps before finding another postcard worthy scene to stop and admire. It’s a shame these scenes are so short lived and will shortly be taken over by the darker tones of winter, but they are wonderful to enjoy while they last.


  • Your photography is stunning, I am in love! 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  • It’s the little things isn’t it? Looks like a lovely place for a walk. I have some parks right near my house that are usually filled with people this time of year. But what I love the most is walking beyond the parks to the dirt paths between the tree’s. You’re still so close to town but it gives that feeling of being in the wilderness somewhere far away. Your photos remind me of it in the fall but we are almost into our Summer now.

  • Beautiful photos! This looks like the perfect place for an Autumnal walk x


  • I love the vibe your blog gives off. It’s so relaxing.


  • Such beautiful photos, I love this time of year – especially when the sun is shining!

    Lucy | Forever September