Hello and welcome to One Pleasant Day. My name is Carrie, and I started this blog to document the things I love and my journey to make each day a little more pleasant.

After struggling with mental health issues for years, I decided it was time for a change as what I had previously tried was obviously not working. This lead to a new direction, to follow a path to minimalism and to lead a simpler life. To feel better permanently, and not to rely on easy fixes. To focus on the small joys and the little things that make me happy, and how I can live a simpler, more intentional life in the process. This blog is coming with me on my journey as a way to keep a journal along the way and share with those who wish to read, and also to keep a record of my challenge to feel good and find happiness, one day at a time.



Note –

Posts prior to May 2017 are older, and so not in keeping with this journey, but I felt it would be a shame to delete them.

  • Katherine Rolinson

    Hi, I was just wondering where you bought your rings from that your wearing in your “hi! that’s me! photo. Hope your having a wonderful day 🙂