A Wander in the Garden

I don’t have a lot to say at the moment, which is unusual for me. I’m not feeling my best, and if I’m honest, things are rather challenging at the moment. I do feel though that I’m heading in the right direction.

Although I may not be in the best frame of mind for writing, there are always photos to be shared, so today’s journal entry features some pictures taken on a recent little wander with Fen. She’s an ambler; walking with Fen is rarely faster than a gentle stroll. I feel we could all take a leaf out of her book sometimes and remember to stop and smell the flowers, or in this case, the pinecones.

Minimal Waste in the Kitchen

As well as decluttering and simplifying my life and home, I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce waste. There is a lot of information available about this online – many admirable bloggers write of their zero-waste lifestyles, producing only a small jar a year of items that cannot be recycled. Sadly that’s not all…

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sunday. That magical day where the week restarts and we get to re-do it all over again. A fresh start, but also a gentle ending, and a time to reflect and take stock. A few things that have been making me smile this week: * The discovery of plant catalogues, and being able to make-believe…

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Minimalism & The Coffee Lover

Coffee. That magic substance that seems to make my world go around. I probably spend far too much time thinking about the stuff, but I do rather like it, and as it brings me joy, it’s therefore something I’m going to hang on to. If you follow my instagram, you’ll see that coffee makes up…

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